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Listen to the soundtrack

We've composed some music for your listening pleasure.
1 Traveler - Peter Cappaert
2 Soyuz - Sibrand Hoekstra (003Labs)
3 Unity - Sibrand Hoekstra (003Labs)
4 Crosstalk - Sibrand Hoekstra & Peter Cappaert
Download the soundtrack for free at SoundCloud Avaliable in both MP3 and Ogg. These tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) license. Click here for more information.

Missed out?

Take a look at AskUbuntu for a summary of the ARG for the Onieric Ocelot release.


A Ubuntu Adverts Team Production in collaboration with 614a

Project co-ordinator Ismail Jadun

Design and web development Sam Mularczyk

Music Peter Cappaert Sibrand Hoekstra (003Labs)

Audio editing Christopher Winter Matt Murray Jordan Lucke

Video Barry Drake Members of the Colwick Theatre Club

Video editing Ryan Mast

Hackertyper Simone Masiero

ARG Development and Ideas Ismail Jadun Duane Pye Sam Mularczyk

Ubuntu Adverts Team Matt Griffin

Special thanks Soundcloud The players