This is Dr. Pinwale. I would like to present to you — and the rest of the world — these transmissions. They were brought to us over long, long distances to this planet. The hard work and perseverance of numerous volunteers — humans spread across this earth, bound by a desire for a better world — have come to help me share this amazing knowledge with the rest of us.

All this has happened due to my superior — Ah. My trusted friend, Dr. Norunomu Murk, is telling me to take a moment to give thanks to all those great individuals who helped me and bothered me in my hour of need. Getting this transmission out to the world was not something one man could do. Not a security guard. Not a designer. Not even the best computer scientist.

This could have only been done with by the cumulative efforts of all those individuals who said, "Today is a whole new world." I say give them two moments and not more! Tomorrow is a new day to make new things. And tomorrow waits for no one.

Until next time,

Bye now.